Nortindal ink is non-toxic

In 2012, a well-known cook on a large-audience TV show said, “Squid ink is toxic if it does not boil, did you know that?” From that commentary, which is not of major importance, we have observed that in different cooking blogs, and also in other television programs, mention is made of this phrase…

For our part, after requesting it from the different television channels, it has been shown that this claim has no scientific basis. In the course of these years, we have been observing the concern on the part of our customers and final consumers.

In this way, we hope to clarify the doubts arising from these comments.
The ink that we manufacture is a safe ink and meets the legal requirements. In our company the following controls are carried out, among others, to ensure the safety of ink that we commercialized:

  1. Ink is purchased from approved suppliers.
  2. When we receive the ink, the characteristics of the ink are controlled.

    3. The ink is cooked in our facilities before packaging.

    4. We periodically carry out microbiological and physicochemical analyzes to ensure the safety of the product.

    5. The ink is not poisonous or toxic. It is a perfectly consumable food product.


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